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Art With a Heart

Five creative ideas for making your wedding memories last.

J Laurence Art Studio

Artist Jessi Laurence, a live-event painter, lets
couples choose any big day moment—from the first dance, to exchanging the vows, to the ceremony exit—to be captured. Her oil on canvas painting is finished by the end of the wedding. Prices start at $2,900. 

Lily Davison Art

Illustrator Lily Davison has a knack for capturing wedding day venues so they feel like a dream. She starts by blocking out main shapes of color and light and replacing them with pink watercolor. She can also add a name and date to make it feel even more custom. Prices start at $65. 

Be The Sun Design Co.

Sophia Garber creates one-of-a-kind, wood-burned custom portraits. The piece is created on-site so the couple and guests can peek at the process. Prices start at $800. 

Annie Howe Papercuts

The brilliant Annie Howe produces the most intricate papercuts, including a few commissioned projects like ketubahs or custom portraits. Prices start at $1,000. 

Flowerly Framed

Marija Pavic is a modern floral preservationist. She’ll take a bouquet or centerpiece—they are overnighted or dropped off right after the wedding—and painstakingly preserve the stems to create a pretty, custom floral layout sealed in a frame. Prices start at $165.

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