To Have and To Hold

From sweet and silly to glamorous, few handbags offer the variety and personality of a beaded bag.

The bride’s handbag can often be overlooked on the wedding day. After all, she has bridesmaids and others to handle her important stuff—lipstick, phone, tissues, etc. But the bag—especially a beaded bag—can be another element that wows that day. It can act as a statement piece or a supporting actress. Whether it’s nostalgic or kitschy—we are here for the beaded bag.

COUPLE Tracy & Kevin PHOTOGRAPHER DANIE Photography Bag Custom made on Etsy.
The lace on this bag is the lace from the bride’s mother’s wedding dress, and the flower embellishments are from her communion gown. It was a beautiful gift from her mother, and a great way to have “something old” and “something new” all in one.

COUPLE Katherine & Casey PHOTOGRAPHER Alicia Wiley Bag Mary Frances

COUPLE Amanda & Sam PHOTOGRAPHER Love to the Core Photo Bag Francesca’s

COUPLE Kelly & Stephen PHOTOGRAPHER Rachel V King Photography Bag  Lulus

COUPLE Annie & Mike PHOTOGRAPHER Morgan Shoots Film Bag Vintage

COUPLE Connie & Talal PHOTOGRAPHER Rachel V King Photography Bag Clejj

COUPLE Danielle & Nick PHOTOGRAPHER Natalie Grace Photos Bag Amazon or Lulus

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