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Work those Abs

The treadmill isn’t for everyone. Here are five alternatives to get fit for the big day.
Pop Physique
Established in California, the Mount Vernon studio, casually known as “Butt School,” is one of only two Pop Physique outposts on the East Coast. Though Baltimore may not have the climate that necessitates a year-round bikini body, this twist on a traditional barre class will leave you with shaking muscles and a seriously toned booty.


InSync Cycle
For the cardio junkie in need of a change, hop on an indoor bike at Hunt Valley’s InSync Cycle for a low impact yet high intensity workout. Each class focuses on interval training coordinated to fast-paced tunes to keep your energy up along with your heart rate.


Charm City Yoga
Relax your body and mind at one of Charm City Yoga’s seven Maryland locations. With a variety of yoga styles from cleansing Hot Vinyasa to de-stressing Restorative, classes cater to all levels, including beginner, athlete, and bootcamp.


South Baltimore CrossFit
Up the intensity with the fitness regimen that has become a national sensation. CrossFit consists of a coached hour-long session of strength training and conditioning at a high intensity. Expect a full-body workout that pushes you to the limit.


Xpose Fitness
Rediscover your body and add a little fun to your workout with pole or chair dancing classes at Xpose Fitness—in three locations including Annapolis. Isometric exercises combine yoga, Pilates, and exotic dance in new weekly routines that tone muscle groups and boost confidence on and off the pole.

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