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Ladies Who Lunch

An afternoon tea is the perfect way to celebrate the bride-to-be. Tiny sandwiches and decadent desserts served on mismatched china are equal parts lovely and chic.

Tea Time Above: All flowers from The Floral Studio. Curried-chicken lollipops, deviled eggs with caviar, tuna tartare ice-cream cones, chicken and mango tea sandwiches, smoked-salmon tea sandwiches, tomato-and-cucumber tea sandwiches, meringue kisses, whoopie pies, coconut cake, cake with jam, shortbread biscuits with jam and fresh strawberries, and mashed-potato sundaes with bacon and chives from Sascha’s Catering. Vintage treat pedestals ($68-88) at BHLDN. Galvanized treat pedestals ($38-48) at BHLDN.  Sweets small ($19.95), medium, ($24.95), and large ($29.95) pedestals at Crate & Barrel. Delfina large covered jar ($62.95) at Crate & Barrel. Roost Acadia serving slab ($45) at Trohv. Anna Weatherley plates ($265/each), Herend plates (call for prices) and bread-and-butter bird plates (call for prices) at Sunnyfields.

Cute Cups Butterfly handle cup ($498/includes saucer) at Radcliffe Jewelers. Gold Aves teacup ($130) at Radcliffe Jewelers. Rose teacup ($15) at Belle Cose. Herend rooster cup (call for pricing) at Sunnyfields. Simply Anna polka dot cup ($52) at Radcliffe Jewelers. Bird-and-bug plate (call for pricing) at Sunnyfields. Gold Aves bread-and-butter plate ($105) at Radcliffe Jewelers. Butterfly handle saucer ($498/includes cup) at Radcliffe Jewelers. In a Jam Cake with jam from Sascha’s Catering. Sweets medium pedestal ($24.95) at Crate & Barrel.

 Kindly RSVP Bridal-shower invitation from Petal and Print. Perlée dessert plate ($220) at Radcliffe Jewelers. Linens courtesy of Gala Cloths. Small Bites Tuna tartare ice-cream cones with micro greens from Sascha’s Catering. Party Favors Sara Lee Parker tea towels and napkins  ($9.50-22) and wooden clothespins (50 cts. each) at Trohv.

Flower Power Assorted florals and antique bottles from The Floral Studio. Two Lumps Or One Silver-plated tea pot ($24) at Belle Cose.  Bygones flatware bundles ($68/10) at BHLDN. Charles Sadek Imports Openwork Woodland dish ($7) at Trohv. Tea For Two Skalny wire storage basket ($32) at Trohv. Custom tea bags from Petal and Print. Good To Go Tea towel favor boxes from Petal and Print. Izzy’s Chocolates ($13.99/bag) at The Fresh Market. Weck 9-ounce canning jar ($3.50) at Crate & Barrel.

Tingly Raspberry sorbet with mint from Sascha’s Catering. Gold and roses teacup and yellow and gold saucer ($15) at Belle Cose. Herend teacup with bugs (call for pricing) at Sunnyfields and Simply Anna polka dot saucer ($47) at Radcliffe Jewelers. Anna Weatherley butterfly and leaf cup ($318) and leaf saucer (call for pricing) at Sunnyfields. Nibblers Smoked-salmon tea sandwiches from Sascha’s Catering. Menu card from Petal and Print. Better With Bacon Mashed-potato sundaes with bacon and chives from Sascha’s Catering. Sweet Nothings Izzy’s Chocolates ($13.99/bag), wasabi balls, and jelly beans at The Fresh Market. Flower arrangement from The Floral Studio. Cake pedestal and candy jar, stylist’s own. Cheers Sascha’s Catering raspberry tea cocktail in a Strauss cooler glass ($4.95) at Crate & Barrel with spiraled aperitif shoppe straw ($6/25) at BHLDN.  Small Roost tulip glass ($11.50) at Trohv. Linens courtesy of Gala Cloths

LOCATION at The Engineers Club at the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion Photographs Jennifer Hughes

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