She’s Lucky In Love

A St. Patrick's Day themed bridal shower.

When Kim George texted me with the idea of a St. Patrick’s Day inspired bridal shower, I was all about it. We wanted to create a styled shoot worthy of the holiday. We thought a bar would be the perfect venue because who doesn’t think of beer on St. Patrick’s Day? We wanted to focus on a bridal shower because it’s a milestone in a bride’s journey, from her engagement to the wedding day. We loved using Owen’s Ordinary as the venue because they host real events and it was a way to showcase how someone can use a restaurant space to make a unique bridal shower special for the bride. Lucky in Love popped into Kim’s head and we ran with it. We love the alliteration and it was the perfect theme for our vision.

A few of the extra special details: We asked our calligrapher, Stephanie, to make a card to hold a necklace that said, “Will you help me tie the knot” and would feature a Celtic knot necklace, fitting for the theme of the bridal shower. Stephanie also wrote on the pebbles you see on the table settings. The pebble is a Celtic symbol of good luck. In ancient times Irish couples got married next to some body of water, either a lake, river or well. The guests would be given small stones to toss into the water after making a wish or blessing for the couple. It was believed that the stone being a heavy object could anchor the blessing and the water represented emotion and spirit. The offering of the stones to a body of water would please the ancestral spirits of the place who would then also add their blessing to the couple. – Katy Murray

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