This Love Is Ours

A Taylor Swift inspired wedding.

Ashton Kelley, of Ashton Kelley Photography, knew it was a long shot to invite her idol Taylor Swift to her wedding back in 2016, but she took the risk and mailed the invitation anyway, completed with a custom liner containing the lyrics to one of her favorite songs, “Ours.”

Unfortunately, despite her best effort and the strong Swiftie undertone of her Fells Point wedding, Taylor must have been busy that day.

What does a super fan do to get the attention of one of America’s most famous pop stars? She recruits a team of local Tay-lurking fans to plan an epic wedding editorial, complete with cats, snakes, bird cages, and one massive bounce house.

Ashton and Taylor have more than the love for color and great music in common, they both love to hatch a wonderfully cryptic plan, leaving little secret details, or “Easter eggs” for fans to discover. How many iconic Taylor Swift nods can you find?

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