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Tips Every Bride Should Follow

by Jess Rutherford, Sentimental Fools

1Skip the crab feast for your rehearsal dinner. Your wedding day is one of the only days your hands are photographed. Don’t risk the Old Bay stains, tiny cuts, and salt swelling.

2Schedule time to be present. Your day-of schedule can get really packed, so prioritize some quiet time (maybe while your wedding party is in glam). Maybe even write yourself a letter for a year from now.

3Eat! Designate someone to be in charge of feeding you before things get nuts. Your adrenaline will be pumping so much during the actual wedding that you might not eat a full meal—so stocking your system with something healthy during the day is a must.

4No ball a week before. We love an active couple, but maybe sit out from your sports league in the days leading up to your wedding. We have had so many couples come to us with black eyes, sprained ankles, and chipped teeth from an injury the week of the wedding.

Glam Rules

by Kristen Floyd, Kristen Floyd Bridal

1Bridal makeup is built to last, so trust an early start time will still provide long-lasting results.

2The bride should be last to get her makeup done. Hair should be finished before the makeup application.

3While you’re waiting your turn for glam, apply a sheet mask to your freshly cleansed skin, and under eye masks as well.

4Hire your makeup artist to stay for an extra hour or so through pre-ceremony photos so the entire bridal party can get touched up before either grand entrance.

5Make sure you have your lipstick or lip gloss for touch-ups after the ceremony, first kiss, and other moments during the reception.

6Keep a small sample size of concealer, translucent powder, with a tiny sponge for post dance floor touch-ups or any mishaps.

7Setting spray is your bestie. Don’t skimp on the sprays.

8Have a small stick of chalk on hand. If any makeup gets on your dress, white chalk will conceal it. (Really!)

9Most importantly, take a breath and take it all in. It’ll go by quicker than you ever imagined.

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