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Pixilated Photo Booth's Patrick Rife and his top five wedding photo booth must-haves.
1. Backdrop, Backdrop, Backdrop

Yeah, it takes some extra effort to put together the perfect backdrop for your wedding photo booth but remember all of that hard work is going to show up in literally hundreds of pictures so you wanna get it right. Whether you go the DIY method and get inspired from budget photo backdrop blogs or have something custom designed and printed, a backdrop that is unique to your wedding will be a serious bonus.

2. Get Your #hashtag Represented

Most weddings have a #hashtag these days. Frankly, we totally love this custom at Pixilated. One of the most fun parts of a photo booth at your wedding is the ability to have your #hashtag right on the prints. That way when your guests are snapping Instagram photos of their photos they’ll know exactly what #hashtag to use. Which will in turn lead to even more photos you and your new boo can peruse later that night.

3. Props

This one is simple. As much as we all love crazy regular photo booth props (I’m looking at you Oriental Trading Co.) it’s really nice to find some props on Etsy or Amazon that you can supply yourself. It will give your photos a much more unique feel compared to other photo booth photos and custom props are an excellent way to include your Wedding’s theme. Crab mallets are actually much funnier than you’d think!

4. Use a Great Photo Booth Company

This one seems obvious but it can be pretty deceptive. By and large the photo booth industry is young; a baby really. There are a ton of vendors out there and they aren’t all necessarily offering the same quality of service. When choosing your wedding photo booth vendor be sure to seek out reviews that show they’re an established company. There’s nothing worse than being totally stoked to get in the photo booth only to have it break down. Do your homework; and then grab a mustache.

5. An Open-Air Booth

We may be a bit partial to this one at Pixilated but I honestly do believe this to be a wedding photo booth must. Not only can you fit a lot more people in an open-air photo booth but you can also see how much FUN everyone is having. When we decided to use an open-air concept it was strictly based on how infectious watching people #getpixilated in our booth was. We knew that other people would find it just as entertaining so we did it and now it seems there’s no other way.


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