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Meredith & Daniel

Occupations We’re both elementary school teachers in Baltimore.

Wedding Date December 17, 2022

Number of Attendees 130

Number of Attendants Eight people in the bridal party total, four on each side

How We Met We met at work, both teaching at the same school. I was teaching music and Daniel was a 5th grade teacher. Another 5th grade teacher (who ended up being our officiant) tried for months to set us up. We finally got each other’s numbers and set up a date for Friday, March 13th, 2020. As we got closer to that date, we realized that Covid was getting worse and worse and things started shutting down, including the restaurant we planned on going to that night. Instead of going out, I invited Daniel over for a homemade pasta dinner and the rest is history.

The Engagement Christmas is my favorite time of year. I’ve always said that the next best day next to Christmas is the day you set up your Christmas tree. I guess Daniel remembered that I had said that because the day after Thanksgiving 2021, after we set up our tree, we were marveling at our work when Daniel got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Wedding Design Inspiration My parents got married in December and I always loved looking at their pictures, so I knew from a young age I wanted a December wedding. I love the coziness of December, the opportunities for mood lighting, jazz music, and the feeling of togetherness that comes with the holidays.

What was unique & special about our day In our ceremony we had our immediate families read “The 7 Jewish Blessings.” Our parents and siblings faced us and each read a short blessing centered around love, a loving home, humor and play, wisdom, health, community, and art, beauty, and creativity. Between the two of us we have four parents and three siblings which worked out nicely, and we were able to match each one of the blessings with the family member who reminded us most of that quality.

Favorite Details The food and music! From the hors d’oeuvres to the bar, to the meal, to the desserts, Linwood’s nailed it. And the music. We had a short dancing set before dinner and that really set the tone for the evening, and we danced the night away. Nearly every guest was on their feet the whole night and that’s totally because of Bachelor Boys Band. If I can have another massive party just to have the band come, I totally will.

Most unexpected event on our wedding day We got to go to cocktail hour and get all the pictures we wanted. While planning, I had told our planners and the photographer that I really wanted to attend cocktail hour so we can mingle with our guests and spend more time with them. Heather & Lisa both told me that they would try their best but not to get my hopes up because it’s a tight turn around between pictures and dinner. But we finished pictures and there was still a lot of time left in cocktail hour. I feel like at a lot of weddings, the bride and groom feel so rushed and end up missing people. We feel like we not only got to talk to everyone, but we got to spend time with them on our wedding day and it felt so much more special because of that. Shout out to Heather & Lisa for making that happen, it made me so happy.

Piece of Advice Don’t do trendy things just for the sake of being trendy. A lot of times people will plan a trendy moment just for a good picture or a short video but on the wedding day it makes for awkward moments of guests just watching you do something for Instagram. Stay in the moment, focus on meaningful details, not clicks and likes.

BEAUTY Emily Seeley (makeup); Sarah Quaranta (hair) BRIDESMAIDS Revelry CATERER & CAKE Linwood’s FLORAL DESIGN Days of May GROOM & GROOMSMEN Jos. A. Bank; Brackish bowtie (groom) HONEYMOON Stowe, Vermont and St. Thomas INVITATIONS Minted LOCATION The Winslow MUSIC Bachelor Boys Band OFFICIANT A friend of the couple PHOTOGRAPHER & VIDEOGRAPHER Lisa Robin Photography TRANSPORTATION American Limousines WEDDING DRESS Betsy Robinson Bridal WEDDING PLANNER Heather St. Clair Events

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