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HOW TO: Wedding Cake

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

While we don’t break the cake over the bride’s head as they did in Ancient Rome—thank goodness—the tradition of a celebratory cake still holds significance when it comes to wedding celebrations.

But it’s not as simple as “get cake.” There are endless possibilities: size, flavor, style. Does it have to be white? Does it have to be layered? Does it need to be only one flavor?

We’ve assembled a few DO’s and DO NOT’s when it comes time to picking the perfect cake so everyone wants a bite.

DO assess your budget. DO NOT underestimate the price of a cake.
Before picking out a cake it’s important for your designer/baker to understand your budget. On average most couples spend $300-700 on their wedding cake according to WeddingWire. By having a number in mind, it allows the designer to give you everything you want within your budget, so there are no surprises along the way.

DO research when looking for a baker. DO NOT just pick the first baker you find.
A picture is worth a thousand words, but do not just rely solely on beautiful pictures posted on the web. You want to make sure whichever baker you choose is reputable and has glowing customer reviews. Have you recently attended a wedding that served delicious cake? Ask the couple which bakery they used. No two wedding cakes are the same and neither are two bakers. When searching for your perfect baker you want to make sure their style aligns with yours to ensure they deliver the best cake for you. If you already have a favorite bakery in mind, don’t be afraid to ask if they make wedding cakes too.

DO think about your style. DO NOT forget about your guests.
Your wedding cake can match your wedding style. These design details are important to bring to your baker’s attention, so they understand your vibe. You also don’t want anyone to miss out on enjoying the delicious cake. Make sure to consider the size of your wedding to understand how big or small your cake needs to be. (Also, if you have friends or family members with allergies, see if your baker can accommodate. At the very least they’ll have great suggestions for other options.)

DO taste test. DO NOT skip the fun.
Taste testing might be the best part of the entire cake deciding process. Many bakeries offer multiple flavors that you may have never considered such as banana foster or caramel apple. While you may not like the chocolate from your first bakery option, the second option may have the best chocolate you’ve ever tasted. Multiple layers mean you can pick a flavor you really like (like red velvet) but also ensures your guests can find ones they prefer too (like funfetti or coconut). It’s important to taste lots of options to ensure you are picking the best ones to sweeten the deal on your big day.

DO be original. DO NOT follow the status quo.
Maybe you have decided a wedding cake is not what you prefer. No worries! There are multiple wedding dessert options other than cake. Whether it’s a delicious donut wall, a cotton candy machine, or a jaw dropping dessert table, there is something for every couple to enjoy.

Cake Cake by Jason, from Paint It Black styled shoot. Photography Love to the Core Photo


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