Local Love

Kristin & Will

Occupations Kristin does education outreach/marketing and is a musician; Will is an event designer/producer with Revolution Events.

Wedding date January 6, 2018

Number of Attendees 250

Number of Attendants 11

How You Met Kristin and Will had many missed encounters previously, but finally were in the right place, right time on May 18, 2013. Their friends were playing at Canton’s Red House Tavern. Neither felt like going out that night . . . BUT it’s a good thing they did. Kristin’s friend invited her to sing and Will fell in love when he heard her voice. After, they two were flirting and Will stole Kristin’s scarf, then her phone number, and then her heart. The rest was history. Always put yourself out there, you never know who’s going to steal your scarf and your phone number.

The Engagement It was January 1, 2017 in Austin, Texas, Will had found a spot along Lady Bird Lake that looked identical to their spot next to the water in Fells, where he had asked Kristin all the important questions back home (to make the relationship official, to move in together, etc). They went for a stroll and ended up in a New Year’s Day parade with a 25-piece renegade brass band. He pulled her aside once they came to the spot and asked her to marry him. Under the watchful eyes of the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue, she said yes. They celebrated with a sunset hike around the hills of the Colorado River and Indian food (their favorite) for dinner.

Wedding Design Inspiration: Moody, dark, New Orleans jazz. Will called it a fancy vampire party.

What Was Unique and Special About Your Wedding Day It was the day of the bombogenesis, one of the coldest days on record! Friends teased that the bride wouldn’t get married until hell froze over . . . and there you have it. Still can’t believe the wedding party agreed to take pics outside. It was also a night full of surprises. Kristin sang to Will coming down the aisle, backed by Mood Swings, all the horns filling the aisle. They commissioned the cake artist to do a special cake for Kristin’s parents in honor of their fortieth wedding anniversary and as a thank you for their help with the wedding.

Favorite Details The goal was a non-stop party with a ceremony thrown in. Champagne was served as you entered the venue, there were food stations rather than a seated dinner, and the band packed the dance floor from the first song. The stations included tacos with all the fixings and different grilled cheeses with tomato soup, perfect for the winter weather. Revolution Events completely transformed Rams Head, already a lovely venue on its own. From the hanging lanterns with Spanish moss, to the chandeliers, to the incredible centerpieces, it was truly a sight to see. The cake was a show-stopper with marble detail and a gold glitter layer. The bottom black layer also matched the invitations with the exact trim work. The flavors included raspberry champagne, crème brulee, and Italian cream cake. Matt Davis, the officiant, is a long-time friend. He’s an incredible talent and there was no question who would be marrying the couple. He made the wedding planning so easy. There were lots of nods to Baltimore. The bride and groom love this city and made sure to incorporate as much of it as possible from the location to the vendors to even the guest boxes, filled with Berger Cookies and UTZ Crab Chips.

Most Unexpected Event On Your Wedding Day The bride’s sister, and Matron of Honor, worked with the band to reenact the “All You Need is Love” scene from “Love Actually” for her speech . . . Kristin still cries to this day when she hears the song. For Will, it would be Kristin entering in song. For the attendees, the groomsmen walked into the theme from “Jurassic Park” and the bridesmaids walked into the music from “Princess Bride.” There was a New Orleans style street parade at the end of the live performance that went all the way outside around Power Plant. Then there was a DJ set to finish out the evening for the late-night crowd.

Piece of Advice Don’t sweat the small details that go unfinished, no one besides you will ever know they were supposed to be there.

Beauty Ryan and Kathy of Blend MakeUp Artistry(makeup); Allison Taylor, Kristi Crawford, Thea Peck (hair) Bridesmaid gowns Bridesmaids’ choice! Cake Holly Hock Cakes Caterer Copper Kitchen Event Design Done by the groom Will, event designer/producer at Revolution Events Flowers Cris of Flowers by Michael Groom: Macy’s Honeymoon Mini-Moon to Asheville/New Orleans, European Honeymoon coming soon! (It was too cold to travel in January) Hotel and Portrait Location Sagamore Pendry Invitations Lagana Printing Location Rams Head Live in Downtown Baltimore Music Mood Swings Big Band (band); Matt Davis (DJ) Officiant Matt Davis Photographer Raye and Kristy of Gillette Portrait Arts Rehearsal The Chasseur Rings Bellyssa Jewelry (his); Nelson Coleman Jewelers(hers) Videographer Dave with Musa Creative Wedding Dress Love Couture from Watters Bridal Wedding Planner It takes a village! But it was all done from home base.

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