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Rebecca & Billy

This originally ran as a Local Love in the 2021 issue.

Wedding Date October 19, 2019

When it came time for Billy Schmidt and Rebecca Greene to plan their wedding, this cosmopolitan couple felt compelled to create a weekend worthy of their friends and family coming from all over to see them get hitched. “We knew we wanted to do something different. We have both lived in multiple states in the past 10 years and have friends from all over the world, so we wanted to make it a fun weekend,” says Rebecca, who met Billy while working at The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum and got engaged to him in Olympia, Washington. “We both love Wes Anderson movies and were inspired by Moonrise Kingdom.” (In fact, one of their first dates was to see that very movie.) So they decided to have a summer camp wedding. Located on 140 acres on the Chesapeake Bay in Stevensville, Camp Wright—with its outdoor chapel, open-air pavilion, dining hall, and wooded cabins for overnight guests—was exactly what they were looking for. “When we found Camp Wright, we knew it was perfect, says Rebecca. “We have a lot of family and friends with kids, and Billy is a giant kid, too, so we loved all the activities and the idea of everyone staying in the cabins.” That meant, in addition to wedding festivities, guests could kayak, try archery, and take nature walks. Plus, Camp Wright offered full creative control for the couple. They could DIY their little hearts out—perfect for this artist and graphic designer duo. They created everything, from the save the dates and invitations (including a packing list) to the ceremony backdrop, table numbers, flags, pillows, and signage. Billy even roasted a whole pig that was served at the reception. “It was our way of making sure the day felt like us,” Rebecca says. The night before the wedding, Rebecca laid awake in her cabin (on the opposite side of camp from Billy) and made the trek to the bathroom around 5 a.m. “As I was walking across camp, I saw Billy up and starting to cook the pig. I ran all the way across the camp and gave him a huge hug. He was exactly who I needed to see at that moment.” The rest of the day was magical. Guests waved homemade flags as Rebecca and Billy walked down the aisle as husband and wife. Each table was full of small details that made the reception tent look magical, and the air was just cool enough that night that Rebecca could slip on the leather coat she had designed with the words “To the Moon & Back” over her wedding dress, a show-stopping gown covered with an infinite number of gold and silver sequin stars. The entire weekend emulated the love story of Rebecca and Billy. “We really wanted it to feel like us and not just something we pulled off Pinterest,” says Rebecca. “That doesn’t mean you have to handmake everything—we’re just crazy—but adding our personal touches made the day even more special.” 

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