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Laken & Matt

This originally ran as The Moment in the 2023 Local Love supplement in the June issue of Baltimore magazine. 

Wedding Date October 28, 2022

“The day was less about a wedding and more about the three of us becoming a family. We spent the morning telling silly stories snuggled up on the couch and baking and decorating our wedding cake. For our private ceremony, Matt and I wrote and recited vows to each other before reciting vows to our five-year-old, Nolen, which neither of us knew the other was going to do. And while she may have scrunched up her nose at our ‘romantic kiss,’ she was all smiles when we declared a sneak attack, ‘You may now kiss the daughter.’ Moments we will never forget include discovering that our dog, Wednesday, had taken a big bite out of our cake when we weren’t looking, being on the same wavelength with our oddly similar vows, and Matt and I sharing the secret knowledge that our son was there as well, since we had found out about his pending arrival a few weeks before. So really, everything that day was about the four of us.”

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