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MaryGrace & Jamie

This originally ran as a Local Love in the 2021 issue.

Wedding Date June 26, 2020

MaryGrace Baldo and Jamie Wiles’ wedding was originally going to take place in early October of 2020 at the Engineers Club with an “elevated jungalow vibe” (think jungle-themed colors, patterns, and plants) to juxtapose the formal feel of the venue. They had spent the better part of the past year planning. But in the spring, when it was clear the pandemic wasn’t going away anytime soon, they postponed their nuptials until June 26, 2021. “There was no way we could, in good conscience, proceed with the large wedding we had planned,” says MaryGrace. Soon after rescheduling, it was announced that marriage licenses could again be obtained and that video conference ceremonies were permitted. Off-handedly MaryGrace asked Jamie if they should get married on June 26, 2020, so that way their party would fall on the one year anniversary of their marriage. Jamie replied, “Let’s get married!” Within days they were putting together a wedding, all with the help of family and close friends. Jungalow was soon replaced with “whimsy chic meets summer backyard.” For a couple that has traversed the country—Los Angeles to Alabama to Nashville to Baltimore—adapting and pivoting is pretty par for the course. Their ceremony took place in Jamie’s parents’ Charlesbrooke neighborhood—thanks to the approval of the community association. They followed their bagpiper—a treat for the whole neighborhood—to a beautiful gazebo draped in flowers. MaryGrace’s eldest brother, Jude, officiated the wedding via Zoom. Because the gazebo didn’t have internet, they had to get creative with a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and keep their virtual guest count small to ensure good connectivity. MaryGrace’s brother Paul, the man of honor, and mom Jenebeth performed readings from thousands of miles away. “It was a really special way to include them even though they weren’t able to be there physically,” says MaryGrace. Her brother David, who was in attendance, and Marlene, her sister-in-law/matron of honor, filmed everything from the bagpiper procession to the ceremony for everyone watching from home. Afterward, there were balloons and confetti, Champagne, and a Smith Island cake adorned with two flamingos. “The history of the cake is really quite beautiful, and it represents togetherness and community,” says MaryGrace. “We also sent one to my brother who officiated and also my mom”—an extra step to include those who couldn’t be there in person. It may not have quite been their dream ceremony, but the couple has kept things in perspective. “Remember that, if you have to cancel, postpone, or adjust your plans—you’re doing that for a party, not a marriage,” says MaryGrace. “Love cannot be canceled.”   

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