Off Le Market
A lovely, sunshiny bridal shower with a French market theme means a bar full of roses and rosé, a flower cart, and a beautiful lunch tucked into a secret garden.
Online Exclusive: Behind the Scenes video

Flour Power
Our bakers show us three different ways to incorporate flowers—from sugar to paper to fresh—onto our wedding cakes, and we adore them all.
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Golden Girl
The gown and bouquet add a dash of magic on a wedding day. They transform, stun, and thrill everyone in their path.
Online Exclusive:Behind the Scenes video

Small But Mighty
A micro-wedding has all the ingredients of a traditional wedding—from the cake and dress to special guests—but on a much more intimate level.

aisle style

Petal Palate
Edible flowers are growing on us.
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Hair Comes the Bride
Bridal braids done right.
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It’s Easy Being Green
The ideas are endless when it comes to incorporating blooms and greenery into your wedding favors.

the album

Local Love
Seven amazing celebrations, from Gambrill State Park to Cylburn Arboretum.
Kindall & Robert  |  Kelsey & Danny  |  Kat & Nick  |  Erin & Luis  |  Katie & Stephen  |  Jason & Brandon  |  Destrie & Zach 
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How *Not* To Plan Your Wedding Blogger Gets Married


The Ultimate Venue Guide
Handpicked venues for every type of wedding, couple, and budget.

Here’s the Dirt
A Conversation With: Floral Designers

Beyond the Bloom
Six new-fashioned ways to keep your wedding flowers thriving.
Online Exclusive: Spotlight on Wax & Wane

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