Black Tie Budget Bride: Sunday is the new Saturday

Photo by Love to the Core

In today’s world, it’s pretty much assumed that if you’re getting married it’s going to be on a Saturday. Rehearsal on Friday. Recovering on Sunday. So when we decided to have our wedding on a Sunday, it took some thinking.

Is it totally weird? Are people even going to come?

Let me start from the beginning.

When Peter and I started researching Baltimore venues, we absolutely fell IN LOVE with the Baltimore Museum of Industry. It was right on the water with beautiful city views. It was a totally unique space that would impress and entertain our guests. We would be able to have the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all in one place. It was one of the most affordable places in the city to get married. BINGO!

When we went to visit, it confirmed all of our hopes and dreams. We knew this was where we wanted to get married. So when it came time to pick a date we ran into one minor tiny little issue. Every Saturday for 2018 was booked. Mind you this was JUNE 2017! Panic set in.

We would either have to wait until some time in 2019 to get married (a whole 2 ½ years). OR, we could get married on Friday or Sunday during any month of our choosing.

The impatient side of me chose Sunday and I’ve had zero regrets since.

Not only are we able to get married in September, one of the most coveted wedding months, but we are paying MUCH less than we would have for a Saturday wedding. It’s a win-win.

The one big concern that obviously comes up with a Friday or Sunday wedding is the fact that your guests will have to take time off of work (most likely). With a Friday wedding, we knew that the rehearsal would have to be Thursday with the wedding on Friday causing our families to take even MORE time off work and we didn’t want that. So we settled for Sunday. This way all of our out-of-town guests (which is about 75% of our guest list) would just take off Monday and all of our local guests could take a half day from work or brave that Monday with a nice hangover.

Another concern is that people may not come at all since it’s a Sunday. Most people see this as a negative but I think it only reinforces who your friends and family really are. If someone cares about you and wants to be at your wedding, they’ll make it happen no matter what day or time.

Many people think that a Friday or Sunday wedding is some sort of taboo and is not an option but I beg to differ. So if you’re on the fence about it, go for it! Sundays are the new Saturdays.

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