The Groom Guide

Brian Sacawa, the founder of He Spoke Style, created an online destination to give information and inspiration for men’s fashion. Sacawa has been working with prestigious menswear brands while sharing his knowledge and tips with his millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and his website since 2013. Sacawa has traveled across the country but views Baltimore as his home due to its “overly welcoming community.” And this week He Spoke Style is expanding into the wedding industry. Sacawa’s “The Groom Guide” is a simple, reliable, and informative online course to help grooms feel and look their best on their wedding day.

You can find The Groom Guide here.  

Q: What is the inspiration behind the creation of the guide?
A: I am originally from upstate New York, but I have lived in Baltimore for 18 years—I just feel at home in Baltimore. I have been in the Army for 18 years, playing the saxophone in the field band and traveling around the country. Then in 2013, I started a website, He Spoke Style, and in the beginning, it was just me looking for something that spoke to me—as someone who is into men’s style. The goal was to offer simple, practical style advice and inspiration for the regular guy. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to experience and work with a variety of different men’s wear brands. Everything from J. Crew, Banana Republic, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and all the way up to bespoke suits at Savile Row in London. The initial thought was to give approachable and digestible style advice for guys. Part of this was recognizing that it is not the price tag of things that are important, but rather understanding that the people who follow me and listen to my advice come from a variety of different backgrounds. What has made it all worthwhile for me is the feedback I have received over the years, hearing success stories. Increased confidence is something I hear all the time, and through this confidence can come a life-changing transformation. That is really where “The Groom Guide” started and what it grew out of. The guide is an extension of that, and it’s all about helping guys look and feel their best on their wedding day.

Q: Why should a groom invest in the Groom Guide? What will he gain from this unique experience?
A: The main thing is that I want every guy’s wedding day to be unforgettable and memorable. One of the best things I get to do is hear how dressing well gives people way more confidence and makes them feel good. A lot of what the guys will learn in the course is stuff they can apply to their own personal style beyond their wedding day. (The guide runs $149.)

Q: You have mentioned a void in the wedding industry for groom’s styling tips. How do you think “The Groom Guide” will help fill this void?
A: In all the research I did before putting the guide together, I couldn’t find another place where all the information that I covered in this course was rounded up in this way. In a way where it’s in one spot that’s quick and easy to find, digest, and put into action. There are three problems I have discovered that hold guys back when it comes to looking their best. Number one, too much information out there. Number two is they have trouble finding someone they can connect with. And the third problem is that guys just don’t have the time to put the research in themselves. Wedding planning is extremely stressful, and that is on top of regular life. The guide is here to help solve those problems and give them all the information they need presented in a very simple and relatable way. So that’s how “The Groom Guide” will fill this void.

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