Hokies In Birdland: Love & Baseball

If you’d told me 3 years ago if I’d be commuting from Baltimore to Rockville every day I’d probably ask if you’ve lost your mind. The fact that we’re planning a wedding, or moreover I actually found this person I was sure didn’t exist, can be summed up in one word: unexpected. And more words: wonderful, fulfilling, comforting, unprecedented, joyous . . . but definitely unexpected. And that girl in the yellow below definitely had NO idea what was coming. It’s one of those moments where your inner dialogue is like, “Hey, what if?”, and you squash it immediately: “Not in public” . . . “But its really hot, why are we taking the long way?” . . . “Because, shush, we just are”

It also didn’t hurt that 2012 was a magical year for the Orioles. After watching ’97 slip away in extras, watching 13 years of anguish finally come to a close was pretty darn gratifying. The people in the below pic are kinda sweaty and flushed because we’d just beat the Rangers in the wild card game (some celebration may have followed). The magic (O-R-I-O-LES MAGIC!) of making the playoffs in 2012 was something we’ll never forget.

We had walked all over Federal Hill and grabbed some Pub Dog pizza on our first date, so the idea was to propose in the same general locale where it officially started (More on our initial meeting in the previous post, our Ode to Kevin Gregg).

So anyway, back to two years later . . . here we are again at The Fed Hill, the side that overlooks the harbor (because of course), and David hugs me and starts saying a bunch of stuff about how he loves me, etc. You’d think the inner dialogue would kick in again, but I totally missed this one: “Aww, he’s so incredibly sweet… gettin kinda hungry…”

But then it happened. And let me tell you, it definitely was not a “Finally! A sparkly thing!” type of experience like I’d expected. The magnitude of the event seemed to slow time down. While neither of us remember exactly what we said, I did eventually manage to squeak out a YES. David’s sister ran up to us and explained that we needed to go somewhere, which ended up being dinner with both of our families.

It was when I saw my mother at the top of the steps at dinner that I really lost it. Too many years of playful banter about this young man or that one and how he is bad news but this one is so nice, but so-and-so & “tans well” (actual comment from my mom), and every possible iteration of boy trouble yada yada had suddenly come to a close. My unrealistically hopeful, and sometimes judgey matriarch was the only person in that moment who truly understood how I felt.

I could feel other relationships with those in the room changing in that moment as well. My little siblings seemed actually proud (seriously, proud?) of us, and my father looked as though he was unencumbered by gravity that day. Not to mention, there was this whole other family I’d just gained as my own standing in that room also.

The support we got and continue to get from friends and family is unreal. I keep reminding myself to treasure this time, stressful as it be. Post-engagement we got to go to Ireland with David’s family, who graciously had invited me a long time before either of us knew we’d be engaged.

So the rest is history . . . not . . . we still have a wedding to plan! I keep telling myself I have 13 months, but I know that ultimately, even though I am a professional procrastinator of epic proportions, the day will come when I feel the need to start getting more done. We do have SOME things crossed off though! Upcoming entries: how we took a leap of faith and got some beyond amazing engagement pictures, a crazy engagement party, and additionally, how we (finally, after soooo many tours) picked a venue! : ) – Caitlin Masterman

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