The Atypical Bride-to-Be: Halfway There

Photograph by Marlon Ming

Well folks, I made it. We are at the halfway point—six months to go until our big day. It seems like time has been moving super-fast, yet extremely slow simultaneously. I have gotten so much done, yet I have a long list of things yet to be done—how is that possible?

I’m finally at the stage of the wedding planning process where I’m less stressed because all of the major decisions have been made. I’ve picked up my dress (I still need to schedule alterations because your girl is a little thick in the lower regions), I’ve found my wedding shoes and they are absolutely gorgeous, and most importantly, we’ve booked the honeymoon. We are also currently working on finalizing the invitations—shout out to my friend Staci who’s designing them—so far, they look amazing.

My next task is deciding on a venue for the rehearsal dinner—which I don’t even want to have. At least not anything super formal. Too bad our wedding is in December because a backyard BBQ would be ideal. Who know, maybe we’ll get another unseasonable warm winter and my wish can come true.

All in all, I think we are in good shape, but I have to be honest. I still wish we would have just eloped. Even though we are halfway through it all, there’s a piece of me that is still very much over it. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to marry Joe, that hasn’t changed. If anything, this process has intensified my desire to speed things up.

I just have a hard time getting excited about all of this work and money into something purely for other people’s enjoyment. People continually tell me that in the end it will all be worth it, but will it? Who’s to say that I won’t feel the same way I do today? What if on January 1 I look back and still think, “Yup, should’ve eloped?”

One thing I will say on a positive note is that this wedding has definitely shown me the true colors of my family and friends. I’ve been blessed with a great support system. So many people have been eager to help with me any and everything to make this load a little lighter and I’m truly grateful.

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