The Atypical Bride-to-Be: Sh*t’s Getting Real

Photo by Marlon Ming

Holy crap! We’re about two months out and sh*t is starting to get real! How did we get here? And so fast? I mean, we are beyond ready for our big day to arrive—I can’t wait to marry that dude—so it’s cool. I’m just saying, it’s coming up really soon.

Things started to feel really real when we went to pick out our wedding bands. We decided this would be something fun we could do together because we’re super cheesy in that way—we like to spend time doing very menial tasks like grocery shopping or wandering through Target. So, we took a long drive to Bethesda because we heard that The Jewelry Exchange had a diverse selection.

I was pleasantly surprised when we walked into the store. I expected it to be a hole-in-the-wall, rundown place, but it was actually really nice, and the staff were super friendly and helpful. We decided to tackle my band first because I’m the easiest. I already knew what I wanted, and I chose something that was beautiful, and it was way under budget—winning!

Commercial break: This jeweler had some of the best prices with a great selection that I’ve ever seen. Definitely worth the drive to Bethesda.

Joe was a little more difficult to shop for, but the saleswoman was so patient and accommodating. I really feel bad because I cannot for the life of me remember her name, but, shout out to you . . . Sharon (I’m going to call her Sharon), you’re the real MVP.

Due to Joe’s line of work, he needs super durable ring that won’t bend or break easily. Sharon (I really can’t remember her name) suggested tungsten because it’s basically indestructible. There was an entire case for Joe to choose from, and let me tell you, he went through almost every ring that he could fit in that case. In the end, he landed on a really unique ring and we both loved it—I can’t wait for you all to see them.

If walking out of that store with wedding bands in tow didn’t make things seem official, going to our menu tasting definitely did the trick.

We decided to bring our moms along to have multiple taste buds included (and also because there’s a lot of shellfish on the menu that I can’t taste). It was definitely an enjoyable time. Trying different foods, being waited on, and asked, “Is everything to your liking?” It was super fancy.

There was a point during the tasting when Teresa, our coordinator at the venue, says, “You are two months away, we need to schedule your final details meeting.” For some reason that made me freeze. Her saying those words somehow made things ultra-real for me. It’s not that I forgot it was so close, I guess I didn’t realize it was that close—does that even make sense?

I guess there’s no turning back now.

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