Through All Our Days: ​Clayton Tamed the Beese

Trying to put into words our wedding day is probably the most difficult thing to do. Honestly, as much as everyone tells you it is going to be a blur, and as much as you mentally prepare to take each moment in so that it does not become a blur, the day really is a blur. But it is the most amazing blur of love, laughter, family, and friends.

Honestly, I was really nervous the week of the wedding because there was a 60% chance of rain the entire day. While I have seen some gorgeous rainy wedding photos, I honestly was frustrated that the wedding plans were in my control, but not the weather, as many activities were planned for outside. However, there is no doubt in my mind that my grandmother was looking out for us from above. I woke up on my wedding day to clear skies and sunshine! Gracias Mami!

A promise I made to myself was that I wanted to make Ryan cry on our wedding day (not in a bad way!). My husband is not an emotional one, however, I loved all of the photos, videos etc. showing the groom tear up as his bride walks to him, and I wanted to see if I could make it happen. I told him probably every day the week of the wedding that I wanted this to happen, but secretly I knew he would be able to keep it together. The first look came and went, and no tears. I put it out of my mind by the time the ceremony came, as I pretty much blacked out walking down the aisle I was so excited. However, I looked up at Ryan and saw tissues in his hand! Apparently he had been crying the whole time I was walking down the aisle and his grandfather gave him tissues. While I know this is a silly thing to want/ be excited about, it’s those small things that we remember and makes the day even more special to us.

As any bride will tell you their wedding day is the best day of their lives, and it’s true. I could not have asked for a better day, and for all of the people who worked so hard to make it special. The only piece of advice that I really would like brides to know is to take 10 minutes during your reception and walk away, go to a corner and watch the scene in front of you. Take time to be fully present in the moment. Watch all of your family and friends tear it up on the dance floor, the conversations happening around the tables, and all of the décor and hard work you put into the day. I did this during different parts of the evening and was still shocked when our last song came on- I legitimately thought I had another hour left!I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog posts, and now, photos!! #ClaytonTamedtheBeese

All photography by George Street Photo

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