Destination Maryland: Holy Muttrimony

We are the lucky parents of two perfect pups. I mean sure, our (now) seven-month-old puppy spent our engagement session trying to eat every rock available, but that doesn’t mean she’s not wedding ready.

Photograph by Megan Kelsey Photography

The downside of having our wedding halfway across the country is that our fur babies will not be able to attend. Neither are willing to take a cargo flight or spend two full days in a car just for their humans to force them into flower collars.

Regardless, there’s no way we can leave them out of our day entirely. After all, we signed some very unofficial adoption papers at animal shelter saying that we would love them and embarrass them for their entire lives. So, how do you incorporate your fur babies into your day?

Some of the ideas we’ve been throwing around:

Custom cocktails named for them. Who wouldn’t want The Colt or The Stella?!

Larger than life cut-outs. Nick’s sister had these at her wedding last year. The three-feet fat heads of their two cats were hilarious and they even made it onto the dance floor!

To-go treats. While furry kids won’t be making the trip, our venue is pet friendly. Some doggie bags with pup treats to go would be a fun way of sending love to all the other pups who also escaped flower collars.

My Favorites